Mental Cultivation and The New Masters' Spirit

Mental Cultivation and The New Masters' Spirit

(Special Guest Lecturer, Dr. Gao Xianfeng, Professor of Peking University)

    In December 4, 2017, all of the organization cadres from Guangdong Proudly New Material Technology Corp. joined the trainning course, "Mental Cultivation and The New Masters' Spirit", given by Dr. Gao Xianfeng, the guest lecturer, who is the professor from Peking University, and specially invited by Mr. Mo Xiongxun, Chairman of The Board.


       During the trainning course, Professor Gao Xianfeng's theory views are very special and novel, and are real thoughts in our mentality. The enumerated examples are the portrayal of our real work. The atmosphere of the whole training process is very active. Everyone was listening attentively, and recording carefully. During the discussing sessions, everyone is very enthusiastic, seriously thinking, actively discussing and expressing feelings.


    During the trainning course, Mr. Mo Xiongxun, Chairman of The Board, expressed to  dedicated himself to lead Proudly and its people to develop and expand the eco-friendly water soluble film cause, and to contribute to the elimination of marine plastic pollution, protection of marine ecology, and rescue of marine life. Dr. Gao Xianfeng highly appreciated his noble ambition, and express to be willing to join this cause, and share this ambition to his friends. The other invited guests also express to be willing to promote this great environmental protection undertakings.

Mr. Mo Xiongxun, Chairman of The Board of 
Guangdong Proudly New Material Technology Gorp.

    The training course lasted from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Professor Gao applied his unique theory to convey "mind unity" with mental leadership and mental cultivation behavior and mental models.It makes us understand that "I may not be the owner of an enterprise, but I am the owner of my position." Even a part-time job is the first to work for himself. " "Take the job as your own company..." Finally,knowledge, experiences and skills have been greatly improved, and the promotion of remuneration has a fundamental guarantee, and the development of a career also has sufficient human capital. " "Happy work, happy life, doing things with wisdom, making money with conscience." For all of these points, we discussed each other during and after the course. It really give us deep feelings,and a lot of benefit.



Mr. Lai (left), General Manager of Proudly, and Ms. Li (right), General Manager of Proudly,making a speech.

Guests invited to study and communicate

A warm exchange, discussion

Actively and enthusiastically speech

The group photo

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