Are you an experienced in the laundry & home care (detergent) field that enjoys being challenged? We are looking for a consultant to join our 

team and grow together. Check out this chance and apply today.

Title: Business Consultant

Location: Europe/North America

Contact information:;

We will contact you ASAP once you leave the message in the mail box.

Proudly Water-soluble Plastic Co., Ltd. is

the largest manufacturer of water soluble PVOH film and bags in China. We treats the business as our own and introduces our product into 

geographies like Europe, the North America, Australia, the South America, the Middle East and the Southeast Asia.

And nowadays the detergent capsule application become the fastest growing field of our product

This role is important because

the business consultant based in Europe/North America will play a key and strategic role in accelerating the business in these region via Proudly.

Key Responsibilities

Business Development and Sales Execution

Business Performance Analysis & Planning

White Space Expansion Lead

Represent the Company in the Industry

Key Requirement

Have purchasing / project management experience in international FMCG enterprises regarding laundry & home care (detergent) field, and be 

familiar with the internal management and operation in the company.

Or have contacts and can quickly enter the procurement procedure.

Or have been engaged in raw material supply to the laundry & home care division of international FMCG enterprises.



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